Sunny Charming 3-Room Furnished Apartment, Centrally Located

Size: 3 rooms,  88  square meter

Price: 1.050,- Euro / month

Description: I'm an American novelist who has lived in Berlin for ten years. Beginning September 1st, I'll be living in Paris for one year. I'd like to rent out my apartment, furnished, for that time. There are three rooms as well as bath and kitchen -- two large, connected by massive French doors, which I use as living room and bedroom, and one small, which can be used as a study or guest room. The space is airy, contemplative -- it's truly a lovely space. Furnished with massive antiques, sometimes dilapidated, but always with an eye for the wabi-sabi.  The price includes all utilities. There is DSL, washing machine, large bathtub, and dishwasher. I'd prefer to rent for the whole period I'll be away, but would be willing to consider shorter periods as well. Please be in touch!

Location: Located between Kleistpark and Eisenacherstrasse U-Bahn stations, extremely close to bus routes M48, M85, as well as four others, and very close to the S1 Yorckstrasse station as well, the apartment could not be better connected to all parts of the city. In my experience, it is perhaps the only location in Berlin from which you can get to any one of the three universities in only 15 minutes! Kleistpark (the park) is just 30 seconds away, as well as some of the best playgrounds in the city. The street on which the apartment is located is filled with restaurants, cafés, antique shops (and, for some inexplicable reason: bicycle repair shops). The location could not be more ideal.

Available: Beginning September 1st, for 3-10 months

Contact:               Phone:  0178-6744919

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